ELAB runs art-based learning programs for high school students
and youth under 25 which empower them to create the future





What we do

Art-based Learning:
Our Approach 

Over the past 20 years, artist and founder of ELAB, Kunihiko Yazawa,
has developed his approach to  ‘art-based learning’ in parallel to his art-
making practice.   At the root of this body of work lies his belief that art
is not just for the chosen few, but is something which nurtures our senses
and creative imagination, connects us with others, playing a vital role
 in human development and the creation of a flourishing world.  
Our learning programs based on the art program ‘EGAKU’ -
developed by Yazawa - catalyzes a cycle of dialogue, discovery and
expression which transcends language  and nurtures individuals’ creative
confidence (the power to think for oneself and find one’s own path,
and act from a place of confidence in one’s own innate creativity) -
the foundation for self-directed, active learning.    
For enquiries about experiencing and bringing our programs into your organization email us.