What is EGAKU®?

Nurturing creative confidence -
nurturing the foundations of learning and a way of life for the future

EGAKU® is an art program based on the practice of 'seeing art' and 'creating art.' 
In EGAKU participants experience the excitement of the practice of dialogue, discovery and expression in relation to the self, others, the world around them, and the future. This practice nurtures their creative confidence – a critical skill for these uncertain times.
We believe that creativity isn’t limited to the domain of the arts. Instead, we believe creative confidence is the ability to find your own path, believing in your own power to create and bring about change in your life and in the world—a critical life skill for young people living in these uncertain times.
We believe there are a number of factors that are key to nurturing creative confidence. First, knowing yourself, being willing to questioning your own beliefs and accepting yourself as you are - including the parts of yourself that you perceive as being negative. Second, knowing and engaging with others, accepting people who are different from you, and through this process learning to accept yourself as a unique individual, different from others. Lastly, letting go of preconceived beliefs about the world and the future, expanding your horizon, and developing the practice of thinking about things from different perspectives.
The EGAKU Program brings together a carefully designed program and art materials, and a safe and creative environment to create a learning experience whereby participants are not instructed by others, but engage in self-directed learning, self-directed action, and through this process transform themselves from within.


Initially started for children in 2002, we launched the EGAKU Program in 2004 for business professionals. Since 2008, our work with business professionals and corporations has continued to grow.  With over 10,000 participants to date, EGAKU has attracted interest as a program for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

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