Research & Training

Researching and expanding the field of art-based learning, training the next generation of leaders in learning

Our work includes:

  • Engaging in research, advocacy, outreach and training of personnel in the field art-based learning
  • Supporting schools and educational institutions in the implementation of art-based learning in their organizations
  • Developing online learning programs
  • Creating programs in collaboration with professionals from various fields in the creative arts such expressive movement and music
  • Organizing events and exhibitions, designing and operating facilities and spaces
  • Creating communities that bring together people of different generations, cultures etc.




Educators’ Summit for SDG4.7 2019

Kimi Hasebe, director of ELAB, presented at a group session on “SDGs x EGAKU – The Possibilities of Art in STEAM Education.”


ELAB Study Group

A study group met for 6 monthly sessions with the purpose of training EGAKU Program support staff. The program covered the history and development of EGAKU, the philosophy of  program founder and artist Kunihiko YAZAWA, and sharing of case studies of program adoption for different target groups.


Nemunoki Museum of Art Study Tour

Study tour of the Nemunoki Children’s Museum of Art in Shizuoka, organized as part of the Shingetsu Seminar Program.


Naoshima Art Study Tour

2-day study tour of the art island, Naoshima, in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan, organized as part of the Shingetsu Seminar Program.


Shingetsu (New Moon) Seminar Program

12-part seminar program for experienced EGAKU practitioners. The curriculum covered a broad range of topics including the foundations of art management, the role of art in society and the history of the relationship between art and society, art and learning, art and life, art and work.